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Will Garcia
Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for fixing my work boots. I paid a lot of money for them and was happy that I didn't have to invest in a new pair. You guys do awesome work at fair prices!
Sheri Campbell
I live in Newton City but was asked to be in my sister's wedding in California. I brought my pumps to Lux Shoe Repair to be dyed to match my bridesmaids dress. They turned out perfect, the color was spot on. You guys rock!
McKenzie Brown
I travel frequently and when the strap broke on my carry-on bag I was devastated. It was my favorite bag and I've had it for seven years. I brought it to your store and now it's better than new. You reinforced it so it wouldn't break again. Thanks Lux.
Howard Cooper
I couldn't believe it when I scuffed the toe of my hand-made Berluti shoes. I brought them to you and not only did you make the scuff unnoticeable, you also shined them up and had them looking brand new again. I will definitely be back.
Bobby Farmington
I would highly recommend your services to anyone. I ride a Harley Davidson and when my saddle bag ripped I thought about throwing it away. Instead I brought it in for an estimate and now it's perfect again. I didn't realize repairing leather was one of your services.
Rose Cline
I'm a diabetic and wear special shoes. I want you to know that your staff was very attentive and nice to me. At regular shoe stores it can be awkward when you ask questions about different types of shoes. You guys made me feel comfortable and not self-conscience.